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Our Story

Welcome to Atheraxon, a deep technology startup whose Theia wireless localization technology is the product of a decade of electromagnetics research at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Following the patenting of the technology, and emboldened by its significant commercial potential, several members of the research team spun off the project into what is now Atheraxon Inc. Subsequently, the National Science Foundation bought into the vision and promise of Atheraxon’s approach by dedicating $1.25M towards promoting its maturation into a product.

With more than half of the company’s team holding PhDs in engineering, Atheraxon is dedicated to bringing and perfecting its cutting-edge Theia technology for the world to enjoy. We are committed to becoming your go-to partner for spatial intelligence systems by consistently delivering the highest level of performance, reliability, and convenience in the industry.

Foundational Research

Foundational research, funded by DTRA, is conducted in the ATHENA group at Georgia Tech.


Atheraxon Is Founded

The cutting-edge research produced in the university is spun off into Atheraxon.


NSF SBIR Backing

The NSF recognizes the potential of Atheraxon's Technology and invests $1.25M to back its development.


Theia Is Born

Theia is released to bring spatial intelligence to the world.


Opening a New Chapter in Spatial Intelligence

Our Vision

It is easy to forget what the world was like without GPS. We have become so dependent on it that turning it off would globally cost $1B, every single day. 
Yet, the spatial intelligence enabled by global positioning is not available for most things and where it matters most—inside facilities.

We envision a future where facilities can be greatly automated by enabling anything on their grounds to be constantly and precisely located.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the safety, efficiency, and automation of your systems and operations by giving you the means to conveniently and reliably include the accurate locations of anything into your processes.

Meet the Team

The Driving Force Behind Our Excellence

Manos Tentzeris, PhD

Scientific Advisor, Co-Founder

Brian Arnberger

CEO and Co-Founder

Jimmy Hester, PhD

CTO and Co-Founder

Jo Bito, PhD

Head of Perception

Travis Handte

Head of Hardware

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