• cm-Accurate In/Outdoor GPS

    Atheraxon's technology enables the real-time localization of assets with cm accuracy in and outdoors.

  • Real-Time Localization Made Easy

    With our low infrastructure requirements, keeping track of important assets in real time has never been easier.

  • mm-Wave Radar meets 5G and IoT

    Our proprietary technology, at the crossroads of several wireless innovations, synergistically combines these to deliver unrivalled convenience and localization performance.

  • Years of Cutting-Edge Research

    Theia is the product of more than a decade of academic and private research and development at the cutting edge of wireless technologies.

    We Have Conquered Space

    Ubiquitous Spatial Visibility using Radar-detectable Trackers

    Atheraxon is enabling the widespread access to spatial intelligence for retail, logistics, and industrial indoor and outdoor environments via the introduction of its patented Theia wireless technology.
    Theia combines the low latency, precision, and unique 3D imaging capability of mm-wave radarsoperating at frequencies similar to 5Gwith the low-power communication properties of RFID to offer access to real-time localization that is 10x more precise, requires 10X less infrastructure to be deployed, and using tag/trackers consuming 100x less power than alternative products.

    Higher Precision

    Lower Infrastructure

    Lower Battery Consumption

    Low Infrastructure cm Precision Low Latency Energy Autonomy
    Low Infrastructure cm Precision Low Latency Energy Autonomy

    What We Enable

    From Automation, and Human Machine Interactions, to Robotics...

      Our Advantage

      One Radar Is Enough

      All that is needed to start localizing trackers is a single radar. Not three or four: there is no triangulation involved.

      Real Time, for Real

      With a tracker's position measurement being outputted every 30 ms, you are sure not to miss a beat.

      Never Replace a Battery

      With maximum instant power consumptions measured in μW, ambient sunlight or batteries can power trackers for more than a decade

      Long Range

      Maximum ranges between radar and trackers in excess of several hundred meters guarantee low infrastructure cost and high performance whether in or outdoors

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